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B Positive Choir's Songs to Lift You Up

The choir, as many people are aware, Is made up of people with Sickle Cell, and those who either have family members or friends with Sickle Cell, or simply wish to support and bring awareness of Sickle Cell and Blood Donation at #GiveBlood 


And so the choir has compiled a playlist of some of our favourite and most uplifting songs on Spotify  That we hope you will also find both useful and uplifting in your day to day, and songs that many of us have found helpful whilst dealing with either the intense pain that Sickle Cell causes or when as we all do, simply have one of those days, hen we are not at our best, and have found it helpful to have some of the songs we have complied, to lift out spirits and bring a smile to our faces 


When you are in either physical or emotional pain and going through a tough time in life, it can be very helpful to have music to turn to and remind you that despite your pain in your life and the ups and downs, there is still plenty of joy in the world,

And as a choir, we all know the power of music and it's ability to brighten your day,

And as some of our choir members, who have Sickle Cell have often stated. We do what we do and sing, to sing our pain away

Spotify Link

Spotify Link

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