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The choir was honoured to have been invited by BlueBird Bio to perform for them in Boston USA and at the same time help raise awareness of Sickle Cell by giving a passionate presentation to an invited audience, keen to understand the choirs beginnings and mission.

The Choir is more than just singing

B Positive Choir in Boston at Blue Bird Bio
Blue Bird Bio

First Time out The Country

Calvin Campbell a Tenor in the choir who also has Sickle Cell SS, was excited on arrival at the Hotel in Boston and beaming with joy, as this was his first time on a plane and trip out of the UK as he then explains that he also did a little jig on arrival at the airport in Boston to celebrate this momentous moment in his life and what it obviously meant to him.

So on arrival at the hotel Calvin was super excited to meet up with the other members of the choir again, needing on this occasion to travel on his own due to the need for oxygen on the flight and was met with joys of welcome from featured artist Lurine Cato and fellow Tenor Ronald Clark.

The Choir is more than just singing

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