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ACLT and B Positive Choir

African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust "ACLT"

What more can you say that has not already been said about the B Positive Choir? They have become game changers to so many people in so many different ways. Individually and collectively through the music of the gospel and the medium of visual platforms across the globe, they have given hope, advice and inspiration to so many people of diverse backgrounds needing well matched blood donations, especially those living with Sickle Cell Disorder.


Beverley and I have personally witnessed the harmonious effect of their musical vibes, especially during the special performance of B Positive Choir at our son’s (Daniel De-Gale) 10th Memorial Service in October 2018. Their singing and personal understanding and appreciation of what our Daniel meant to so many others was a joy to behold. 


And via the ACLT, we have grown to successfully work with many members of the B Positive Choir in our mutual aims and objectives of saving lives via the power of many people something amazing such as donating blood.


We salute you all at B Positive Choir."


Orin Lewis OBE and Beverley De-Gale OBE

(Co-Founders of the ACLT)

Sickle Cell Society UK

I am John James, Chief Executive of the Sickle Cell Society.

I am writing this testimonial for my colleague Calvin Campbell and the B Positive Choir.

I have known Calvin in a professional capacity for approximately eight years. Calvin is Chair of Red
Cells R Us one of the active London Sickle Cell Support Groups that we work with. We work with many
Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Support Groups across the country and indeed some in other parts of the
world. Red Cells R Us is very prominent in London. This is in part to Calvin’s leadership, collaborative
approach to working and dedication to the cause of sickle cell.

It is fair to say Calvin is also very active on social media for the B Positive Choir and Red Cells R Us. He
uses social media platforms professionally in raising awareness of sickle cell and the significant health
inequalities that impact on the sickle cell community.

Calvin has many talents. He is a role model to his peers, as someone living with sickle cell, who despite
the significant challenges of his condition is leading an active and fulfilling life

Turning to Calvin’s talents, he is an accomplished singer and an integral part of the award winning B
Positive Choir, who themselves as a collective have done wonderful things to raise awareness of sickle
cell. It was a privilege to have the B Positive Choir perform at out 40th Anniversary Gala Ball in
September 2019. Put simply, they were outstanding. We look forward to continuing working with
Calvin and the B Positive Choir. We commend the work they do and their excellent singing talents.

I thank Calvin as well as the B Positive Choir for what they do to raise awareness of sickle cell and for
working closely as a partner of the Sickle Cell Society. I also wish them continued success for the future.

Yours sincerely

John James OBE
Chief Executive


Haematology Cancer Care

HCC has a strong connection with the B Positive Choir, through Calvin Campbell, our ambassador and board member, who introduced us to the choir.


As the charity fund for the haematology service at UCLH (HCC) we recognise the huge importance of spreading awareness of the need and recruit more blood, plasma and organ donors from the BAME community.


UCLH is an international centre of excellence in the treatment and care of patients with Sickle Cell and


Lifesaving treatment for both conditions relies heavily on blood products.

We were delighted when B Positive Choir performed at our Christmas 2019 haematology patients’ party! Their inclusive performance was powerful and relatable - particularly as some of the choir members are patients within our service and we know them well.


The highlight of the evening was when members of staff were invited by the choir to sing three songs.


We are thankful of their generosity in performing for us!

Haematology Cancer Care, UCLH Charity

The Blind Poet

Fantastic meeting you guys. My wife and I are signed up and booked in to give blood next week, plus we’ve got tickets to come support you at the Manchester arena on the 11th.


Hope we get a chance to say hello then

Lurine Cato MBE

Singing with the B Positive Choir, wasn't just a great experience, but was a rewarding and life changing adventure.


They are like family to me, I love them all dearly.

Lurine Cato MBE

John James OBE

John James OBE has 33 years of experience within the NHS including 4 CEO roles.


He was Chair of the West London Cancer network (2002-2005) and Chair of the North West London Diabetes
Network (2003-2004).


As a senior civil servant for the Department of Health he served as Program Consultant on leadership for the NHS Next Stage Review and then as Deputy Director for the NHS Medical Director/Director General. He has been Chief Executive of the Sickle Cell Society for the last 9 years.


In June 2018, John was awarded an OBE as part of the Queen’s Birthday Honours.

CEO Sickle Cell Society

Shinel Crichlow

My name is Shinel Crichlow and I am the founder of the UK ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS.

It was an absolute pleasure having the B POSITIVE CHOIR perform with Lurine Cato at our 2018 award ceremony. 


The choir not only bought awareness to our community on sickle cell but they also bought great vibes with their outstanding performances. 



Kanya King CBE

I remain so proud that MOBO got the chance to team up with the NHS to form B Positive. From day one this inspirational and empowering choir have won the hearts and minds of so many people who have been inspired by their message to raise awareness and encourage blood donations through the power of music and in doing so, motivate a new generation to take action and save lives.

Kanya King CBE supporting B Positive Choir
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