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All pictures taken by Kyle Hassell (c)

Made By Mortals

The choir was asked to do our first podcast "Made By Mortals" By Armchair Adventures and had so much fun doing it. Thank you.

“We have to sing together in one voice before real change can happen.”

You’re on a quest to find the true meaning of equality in the first Adventure of Series 2! You zip back in time with Connie and the explorers to visit a bunch of awesome humans who stood up for people’s rights. Like Dr Martin Luther King Jnr, Nelson Mandela and ladies from the 1961 space race.


You’re also joined by Britain’s Got Talent finalists, B Positive Choir who provided the incredible backing vocals arrange by choir master Colin Anderson.


Will Connie believe that she can make a difference? You’ll have to listen to find out!

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All pictures taken by Kyle Hassell (c)

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